A while back I told you what it's like to have the top trending list. Today I'm going to tell you what happens when you're list is featured
  1. For context
  2. First of all it's very exciting
  3. And then you get this congratulatory message from the List App crew, which is pretty sweet...
  4. And a $20 gift certificate to Chipotle
  5. But what I didn't know is that the List App in-house mystic puts a chart together for everyone featured and determines your spirit animal
  6. And then they send you the animal
  7. Apparently I got an alpaca.
  8. That's kind of neat but I wish my spirit animal was something cooler. Like a wolf or something.
  9. And I don't really know anything about taking care of an alpaca
  10. I guess its hide will be worth something once it dies?
  11. I'm not going to kill it
  12. I just know it won't live long
  13. What a mess.
  14. I'll keep you posted