1. Meant: I'm sorry and im here for you because I've been in the same situation
    Said: Get your shit together
  2. Meant: I miss you all the time
    Said: take care, soulja
  3. Meant: I don't want to attend midnight mass because 10 years ago a priest advised AG to break up with me and I vowed id never set foot in a church again
    Said: Catholicism is creepy
  4. Meant: I'm sorry
    Said: how do you think I feel?
  5. Meant: I'm sorry
    Said: let's fuck
  6. Meant: I'm sorry
    Said: your hair is going gray fast
  7. Meant: I'm sorry
    Said: you're making shit up
  8. Meant: let's break up
    Said: let's get married
  9. Meant: I don't understand
    Said: I don't give a shit
  10. Meant: I'm hungry
    Said: hurry the fuck up
  11. Meant: I have no idea what I'm doing
    Said: you have no faith in me