Requested by @mallofamanda
  1. Dr Suess is a big dumb dick
  2. Whose gibberish poems make me feel
  3. Quite sick
  4. If he came around here I'd give him a kick
  5. So he'd know we'll never be friends
  6. The giving tree could be a flick
  7. A cartoon classic
  8. A holiday pick
  9. But no, instead it's that weird green prick
  10. The grinch, with his empty amends
  11. And don't get me started
  12. On the cat in the hat
  13. I've found more joy
  14. In a bite from a rat
  15. I'd wack Yurtle the T
  16. With a baseball bat
  17. And the same to his dumb Lorax friend
  18. The missing piece
  19. In Suess' case
  20. Will be bloody chunks of his ugly fat face
  21. When i curb stomp him in my favorite place
  22. Out near where the sidewalk ends.