1. At some point Han and Leia's daughter will do something brash and Han and Leia will look at each other and say 'she takes after you' simultaneously
  2. That new robot BB-8 is a proponent of the theory that the destruction of Alderaan was an inside job
  3. Oscar isaacs character Poe Dameron is only 13 years old and looks older because he has a space disease
  4. Luke Skywalker doesn't appear until the final fifteen minutes of the movie and only uses the force to dunk basketballs
  5. So many fucking boba fetts
  6. chewbacca now speaks a single phrase in English: that's going in the spank bank
    He has no idea what it means. This is a running joke throughout the movie
  7. Shaved ewoks are Oompa Loompa
    Autocorrect knows Oompa Loompa but not fuck
  8. As in every film directed by JJ Abrams, eagle eyed viewers will catch a quick glimpse of the auteur holding up a hand written list of cast and crew members who displeased him throughout the shoot