1. Doug
    You spend too much time worrying about what people think when you should be worried about what they're planning
  2. Rugrats
    You wear your heart on your sleeve in a little bag due to a rare genetic condition
  3. Rockos modern life
    You're going to die one day. We all do. But you especially.
  4. Hey Arnold
    Your son is alive. He's living in Montana with a blonde woman he thinks is his mother. He's happy, he's treated well. You will be reunited.
  5. The Angry Beavers
    You use the term 'fleek' wrong and will never find love in this life. These things are not connected
  6. Salute your shorts
    You've been in a coma since 1992.
  7. Kenan & Kel
    You are Kel are we're all rooting for you to get it together