1. A and B are out for a walk on a Sunday morning.
  2. A-there's been another mass shooting
  3. B-a tragedy
  4. A- doesn't anyone have a plan for putting an end to this madness?
  5. B- Who has a plan
  6. A- yeah there must be someone, right?
  7. B-no, Who has a plan
  8. A-I wish I knew
  9. B-listen, Who knows exactly what we have to do
  10. A- it's so sad
  11. B- He can set things right
  12. A-Who?
  13. B- yeah his plan is the best I've heard
  14. A- no, who has a plan to end gun violence
  15. B- yeah
  16. A- who has a plan?
  17. B- a great one
  18. A- what's the name of the guy with the great plan?
  19. B-no, What is pro-gun.
  20. A- the name of the guy with the plan to end gun violence is
  21. B- Who
  22. A- That's what I'm asking
  23. B- Who knows what to do
  24. A- you just said you knew someone
  25. B- Someone and I go way back. But we're taking about Who
  26. A- Whom
  27. B- is he okay? I heard he got shot
  28. A- who?
  29. B- no, whom
  30. A- who got shot?
  31. B- not Who, Whom
  32. A- why are we debating grammar points when someone's been shot?
  33. B- Someone got shot?
  34. A- apparently
  35. B - is he okay?
  36. A- who
  37. B- not Who, Someone
  38. A- who is someone
  39. B- no Who is Who and Someone is Somebody else
  40. Pause
  41. A- I think I see what's happening here
  42. C appears and blocks their path. He's wearing a trenchcoat
  43. C- excuse me?
  44. A- yes?
  45. C pulls an assault rifle from his coat and shoots A point blank in the face. A falls to the ground dead.
  46. C- I killed your friend
  47. B- I didn't kill him, you did
  48. C- That's what I said
  49. B- I told you to kill him?
  50. C- you didn't. No one did
  51. B- you said I told you to do it
  52. C- you know what?
  53. C shoots B in the belly. B falls and writhes in pain
  54. B- why...
  55. C- Why is my brother, I'm David. How do you know him?