Inspired by @Voxdotcom
  1. There are no filthy, stupid crows in the scene
  2. None of the actors forget their lines and shrug sheepishly at the camera
  3. All of the blood in the scene is red, which is the correct color
  4. Each individual grain of sand on the beach was painstakingly hand crafted
  5. One word from the novel 'Jaws' was written on each grain of sand. The entire book is spelled out in sand 11 times, and the stars of the film were each given a sack containing the entire novel in sand form as a gift at the end of production
  6. The beach scene is the only part of the movie where Melville, the trained, domesticated shark depicts Jaws.
    The filmmakers used an animatronic shark for the rest of production after Melville refused to work with Richard Dreyfus
  7. Director Steven Spielberg shows his gift for composition and respect for his audiences intelligence by resisting the urge to zoom in on a characters mouth when they are speaking
    According to Spielberg 'It always seemed so insulting to me, the way the camera would zoom in on a characters mouth to show where the sound was coming from in old movies. With Jaws, I wanted to prove that 1970s audiences were sophisticated enough to figure it out.'