1. Insane Clown Curry
    Released to help boost ICPs sales in India and recalled after several consumers reported massive bone loss
  2. Bob Dylan's Forever Young menopause relief medication
    The legendary songwriter lent his name to this item in an attempt to prove to his estranged wife that he took an interest in her needs
  3. Leonard Cohen presents The sultry side of Megakat City
    An anthology of erotic short stories set in the universe of 90s cartoon series SWAT Kats, which Cohen apparently really loves. Michiko Kakutani called it 'hotter than a steamed pig dick' but sales were poor.
  4. Tom Guiry's little baseballs
    Maybe the dumbest thing on this list. Guiry played Smalls in 'The Sandlot' and in 2007 tried to market a line of tiny baseballs 'for all the Smalls with big dreams.' Guiry's got sued when some kids broke their molars after mistaking the balls for gum.
  5. Morris Chestnut braised almonds
    The actor filed a patent for this product but thankfully never got around to producing anything.
  6. Claire Dane's scrimshaw caricatures
    The Homeland star found herself in trouble with the law after they discovered this side business that saw her etching caricatures of fans into illegally obtained whale teeth and selling them on street corners.