1. I'd like to pitch that every male actor between 40 and 55 years old play Cable simultaneously
    Fun fact: this image was drawn by my college roommates best friend Reilly Brown, a very nice guy who I was incredibly mean to one time
  2. Michael Shannon, David Harbour, Kyle Chandler, Matt Damon, Leo, Mark Wahlberg, all of em
    It's not even a good story, the time I was mean to him. I was just mean for the sake of being mean
  3. All the actors would get tied into a ball (like a big rubberband ball) and crammed into one costume
    The second time I met that dude he told me a story that I think is super sad and super funny
  4. All of the actors would speak the dialogue together
  5. Deadpool wouldn't ever acknowledge that Cable is being played by like 100 people crammed into one costume but maybe there'd be a scene where Deadpool has to rush into a warehouse with a narrow door and Cable would be like, Uh I'll be right behind you
  6. He wouldn't fit through the door, you see
  7. All of the actors crammed into the Cable costume would have skintight bodysuits on
  8. And on the press junket the reporters wouldn't be able to resist asking what it was like, all those bodies mashed together inside that costume
  9. And I feel like David Harbour is the kind of guy who'd make a big deal out of making it very clear he didn't get a boner in there
  10. But in a way where it's like, dude, are you trying to fool us?
  11. Or yourself?