Some films you cannot tear your eyes away from, no matter what time it is. Even if you're eight hours into a twelve hour Greyhound trip from New York to Toronto. This is that list, for me.
  1. Trainspotting
    Try. Just try to stop watching it. You can't.
  2. The Dark Knight
    Yes. Even the end. Even the really, really, really long end.
  3. Whiplash
    Completely engrossing, from the first scene to the last.
  4. Back to the Future
    Harmless time-travelling guff deserving of a mention probably because of the year and that.
  5. Casino Royale
    Best Bond film Craig has done. HE GETS DEFIBRILLATED, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE.
  6. Tyrannosaur
    If you haven't seen this, you are a fool and no longer welcome in my presence.
  7. 12 Angry Men
    This film can almost convince me that every time I watch it, the ending could be the complete opposite. Some stellar acting.