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Last week myself and my colleague John Brotherhood of Footpatrol fame headed to Paris for the day to meet up with Michael Dupouy (You might recognise his name from the ALL GONE book series). We had a few things to go through for 2016 but he also showed us around his local area before we got down to business. (*some of these photos by John)
  1. Good start
    Getting pulled up at security
  2. New trains
    John got very exited about this but after years of service, Eurostar are beginning to replace their trains, with our one being only one of four new units currently in service. Long overdue.
  3. We had a special delivery too
    More on this later
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Went to Birmingham this weekend for the first time to visit my girlfriends brother. This is what I did.
  1. Had a crippling hangover
    Great way to start a weekend in a new city
  2. This looks mental
    It's like someone from Night Slugs designed it as a joke
  3. Went to the German Xmas Market
    Apparently it's the UK's biggest
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  1. Me and Ry going up the shard
    It was for a Crep Protect party, I'm not a mega fan of the product but I'm not going to turn down free drinks at the top of the Shard am I?
  2. It was pretty good though
  3. Sat either next to, opposite of adjacent to Holly for about 3 years now
    Even though I work for myself these days it's nice to be around your mates when you're smashing targets and dominating powerpoints
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  1. One night in the pub my friend Rich was convinced that he could unlock his iPhone with his nose
  2. The bar tab at the Alife X Footpatrol launch that Breaks put on was so big we could wrap it round the bar landlord
  3. In Shoreditch House being very ~media~ with Arthur from Hypebeast
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