Went to Birmingham this weekend for the first time to visit my girlfriends brother. This is what I did.
  1. Had a crippling hangover
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    Great way to start a weekend in a new city
  2. This looks mental
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    It's like someone from Night Slugs designed it as a joke
  3. Went to the German Xmas Market
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    Apparently it's the UK's biggest
  4. Drank beer
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    Suitably over my hangover at this point
  5. Hung out with these too
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    Always a pleasure (well, one of them I see everyday but you know what I mean)
  6. Aye fish and chips in an Xmas hat
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    Well, it is December
  7. Built my girlfriends brothers new bed
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    Not sure why I did it and he didn't but I find flatpack furniture building quite therapeutic so not really complaining
  8. Bought some new Vans
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    Birmingham Vans outlet store got raided