Things people say incorrectly that get on my last damn nerve

If you can't see what is incorrect with these, please ask for help. Don't make me want to punch you in the neck.
  1. Coshtumes
  2. Oyshters
  3. Could care less
    (Couldn't care less)
  4. Sposed to
    (Supposed to)
  5. Old timers Disease
    (Alzheimer's Disease)
  6. Affidavid
  7. Drownded
  8. Realator
  9. Expecially
  10. Irregardless
  11. Miniture
  12. Supposably
  13. Take for granite
    (Take for granted)
  14. Nauseous vs Nauseated
    (If you're nauseated you're about to throw up, if you're nauseous, you're a toxic funk)
  15. Hot water heater
    If the water is already hot, why do you need to heat it?
  16. ATM Machine
    Automated Teller Machine Machine?