Things moguls say or have said.
  1. No days off? Moguls always take days off, that's the point.
  2. what are your sales
  3. "Business is business," Mr. Griffin said in one of a series of interviews with The Wall Street Journal. "I don't manufacture cars, but we do manufacture money."
  4. I'm a silent partner. But money talks.
  5. Moguls don't listen to commercials. Moguls are commercial.
  6. How do I make money??
  7. "Right now my dreams are all about deals and dollars." - Spencer Strasmore
  8. "What's the point of having f you money if you never say f you" - Damian Lewis in that new showtime show (when's it come out?)
  9. Above ground pools are more expensive than you think.
  10. Five year plan? I've got a five letter plan: M-O-G-U-L
  11. It's never easy. But sometimes, it's too easy.