If you're going to pay for music, go with Apple.
  1. 3 month free trial, saves you $30 when you make the switch.
  2. Siri integration. This is easily the top reason in terms of functionality. When driving or walking down the street you can press your thumb and ask Siri to play any song or playlist. Big check marks in the safety and convenience columns here.
  3. iTunes gift cards, you can regularly buy them online at 10%-20% off. PayPal digital gifts is a good resource or else Raise.com has a ton.
  4. When you can't find gift cards for more than 10% off, you can forward your confirmation emails to anywhere@jet.com and earn 10% JetCash.
    I'll soon be starting a hedge fund with all the JetCash I've earned.
  5. If you own any mutual fund odds are you're an Apple shareholder. Most funds have $AAPL among their top 5 holdings, and I own Apple outright in my IRA so I want them to get my streaming dollars.
  6. Taylor Swift.