This had so much potential and fell short in a lot of areas, namely star power. They should try again next year with this cast.
  1. Chris Hemsworth as Johnny Utah
    We need an A-lister in this seat, sorry Luke Bracey. Research has told me Taylor Kitsch was in the running, which I really like given the choice for Bohdi would mean the best parts of the two seasons of True Detective in one movie! But come on, you'd have no trouble watching Chris Hemsworth do all this extreme stuff and thinking, "yeah, he's got this."
  2. Matthew McConaughey as Bohdi
    McConaughey was born to play someone named Bohdi! Might seem like a little old for this role but I did some digging and Gerard Butler was in early talks to be cast, and he and McConaughey are both 46. Would not be surprised if McConaughey has actual plans to chase the Ozaki 8.
  3. Brendan Gleeson as Pappas
    This character ended up being less Utah's partner and more his chauffeur. If it's equal parts partner and chauffeur I, of course, like Jason Statham but Pappas mostly drove around, smoked cigarettes, and delivered great one-liners while wearing Persols.
  4. Wendell Pierce as Instructor Hall
    I like Bunk as a foil to Mad-Eye Moody as the two lawmen trying to keep Utah on a short leash.
  5. Ben Foster as Roach
    One of Bohdi's mates, Roach seemed to be the grittiest of the bunch. Perfect for Ben Foster. Dude has played some dark characters (see Alpha Dog and Hostage).
  6. Shia LeBeouf as Grommet
    The more spiritual "what does it all mean" type in Bohdi's crew. Shia won't have to do much acting to fit the part.
  7. Blake Lively as Samsara
    The hippie/groupie that rolls in Bodhi's crew, Blake seems like the logical choice. She did it once in Savages, need to see more of that side of her.
  8. Keanu Reeves as Nameless FBI Agent
    Gotta give him a cameo, maybe make him the pilot of the cargo plane that the pallets of money fall out of, but for sure show us Keanu.