1. This one is less about entrepreneurship. The first one was about Mike Lane saving enough money to start a furniture business. This one is more about fam.
  2. Is Mike's love interest played by the same person who played the love interest in the first one? I know they are different characters, but same actress?
  3. Is Tarzan played by Dog the Bounty Hunter?
  4. Waiting for this Tarzan guy to say "BONESAW'S READDYYY!!"
  5. I like how Mike refused a bite of cake by saying "I'm a cookie guy." I'm gonna use that.
  6. This convention they're going to couldn't get a title sponsor? The 2015 American Apparel Stripper Convention, for example?
  7. Why is no one at this convention on their phone? Seems like an event you attend, at least in part, for the Instagram pics.
  8. If there's no title sponsor, was there a cash prize for first place? Just bragging rights? Who is the governing body that puts on this event every year?
  9. Getting a strong sense that Childish Gambino's character is an uber driver in between his music stuff and working for Rome.
  10. Joe Manganiello needs to do more stuff.