Spoilers (obviously).
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  3. Spoilers
  4. Lex's shaved head was a careless afterthought
    X-Men: First Class had a similar situation revealing how Professor X became paralyzed and did a much better job
  5. The "Africa Incident" was a terrible catalyst for the events of the movie and you didn't even need it
    The disaster from Man of Steel works much better anyway and stands alone as sufficient means to move the plot forward
  6. Lex getting unlimited reign of an English speaking alien spacecraft with worse security than an iPhone 5
    Didn't even have to ask a kryptonian to make a backdoor
  7. Batman using guns. Lots of guns.
    Dream sequence guns, batmobile guns, tracker guns
  8. We have to accept Lex knows everyone's secret identities because he's Lex
    No work was done to show how he actually figured this out
  9. The dream sequence that made no sense in the trailer made no sense in the movie
    Looks like it was copy and pasted from a completely different movie. No context. No explanation. I get it...Darkseid...
  10. Lex getting everything he needs to move the plot forward by asking a politician
    Political Ex Machina
  11. Batman's entire character motivation changed because Superman's mom's name is the same as his mom's
    Sounds even stupider when you have to type it out
  12. Main character deaths don't work when the whole world knows your sequel plans until 2020
    Not a single person was expecting him to stay dead