1. the veggie burritos and the killer red salsa at Poquito Más
  2. the smell of night blooming jasmine in the canyons
  3. hiking fryman canyon
  4. the greek
  5. the ridiculously easy Burbank airport
  6. all the crazy good sushi on Ventura Blvd. #matsuda
  7. June gloom
  8. High speed car chases
  9. Low flying police copters
  10. An abundance of awesome looking dudes in board shorts and flip flops
  11. the Produce section at Gelsons (where it felt like the salad greens were actually trying.)
  12. Palm trees. The really really tall skinny ones.
  13. The high energy rush of merging onto the 101, then quickly over to the 134 before the split —and it's too late and you just end up taking the 101 and pretending you wanted to go that way all along...