1. Very generously includes you in all of her social activities even if you weren't invited and/or don't want to go
  2. Gets pissed at the host of the event that she wants to include you in when they say you can't attend
  3. Takes you to events that you are very specifically not invited to (I was the only male at Nikki Erwin's "Girls Only Summer Dinner"
  4. Gives incredible documentary suggestions
  5. Curls women's hair
  6. Gets into an Uber and One Direction songs IMMEDIATELY start playing on the radio (this has happened nearly every time I've taken an uber with her)
  7. Flashes on FaceTime
  8. Always has a plate/mug/silverware/smashed potted plant on the front seat of her luxury car
  9. Peruses (and nods in satisfaction) at pictures of herself topless on iPhoto without checking if there is anyone behind her
  10. Is an excellent addition to any couple in a relationship
  11. Tells you truthful things like "if you want to be happier lose weight because you will look amazing "
    Suggested by @sophia