1. Bierce
    Devils Dictionary; Owl Creek Bridge; Halpin Frayser
  2. Jon Ronson
    Psychopath Test
  3. Judith Butler
    Gender Trouble; Vulnerability in Resistance; Undoing Gender
  4. Claude M. Steele
    Whistling Vivaldi
  5. Kevin Young
    Jelly Roll
  6. Lisa Eldridge
    Face Paint
  7. Iain Ellis
    Brit Wits; Rebels Wit Attitude
  8. Hunter S. Thompson
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  9. David R. Roediger
    Wages of Whiteness
  10. Kirby Moss
    Color of Class
  11. Simon Hall
    Peace and Freedom
  12. Anne Norton
    Republic of Signs
  13. Frantz Fanon
    Black Skin, White Masks
  14. Barbera Ehrenreich
    Nicole and Dimes
  15. Vera Dika
    Recycled Culture
  16. Janice A. Radway
    American Studies: An Anthology
  17. John D'Emilio
    Sexual Politics, Sexual Communities
  18. Sherrie Tucker
    Dance Hall Democracy
  19. Kevin Aucoin
    Making Faces; Face Forward