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  1. Wearing Too Much Body Spray
    I would rather smell your BO for miles than smell whatever AXE bullshit you sprayed all over yourself.
  2. Inspirational T-Shirts
    Sweating for the wedding, barbells and mascara, beast mode, YOU GET THE IDEA - let's all agree these are the worst. Just wear an old shirt and stop making me read your boobs.
  3. Lift Noises that Sound Like Murder
    Bro. If it's so heavy you sound like you just coughed up your larynx - take some weight off. We all still think you're awesome.
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  1. If I'm trying to get coffee in the morning and you're starring at the woman who can't scan your damn watch causing us all to wait an extra 9 minutes I want to murder you with the shards of your watch.
  2. Don't send your heartbeat. I can't believe that's even a thing - send me a hilarious video of a cat or a raccoon that thinks he's a dog.
  3. I hate when I can see people scrolling through the most boring parts of the Internet just because it's on your wrist. Do you really care about wind patterns? No. No you don't.
  4. 82% of the people wearing these act like it's an inconvenience when they get a message on it. Like "oh the struggle of the connected class." Bitch, if you don't like it take it off.