Because he just texted me asking. I'm not sure this list is really that well thought out. I'm a creature of habit so this list leans toward current comfort food.
  1. Baroo
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    J Gold just wrote about it so it may be a shitshow. ymmv. Order EVERYTHING.
  2. SQIRL
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    Yeah, it's a scene and can feel like waiting your turn at the hipster DMV, but it's still got it.
  3. PCP
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    the Paramount Coffee Project, as opposed to the dissociative animal anesthetic. Anything served on Heath ceramic will taste good in my opinion. Coffee is spot on to boot.
  4. Din Tai Fung at the Americana
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    You're going to a fucking mall in fucking Glendale to eat at a fucking chain restaurant? Yes. Yes you are. Shut up and order too much xiao long bao and don't forget the off-menu black sesame desert dumplings.
  5. Revolutionario Tacos
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    North African tacos? Yep. Everything on the menu here is great. Eat whatever Chef Zadi tells you to.
  6. Dune
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    Okay, this is now a list of 6. Get the lamb. Get the avo toast (can you believe I'm saying that?). Get it all.