We considered having the guys on Horn and PTI wear helmets with cameras on top of them to give the viewer a view of what they see when they argue topics. We wanted to call them Yelmets. These are just Helmets but they're my favorite in all of College Football.
  1. Notre Dame
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  2. USC
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  3. Ohio State weeks 1 & 2.
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    For mediocre players year-round. I like a no Buckeye to partially Buckeyed dome.
  4. Oregon alternates 3, 5, 13, 22 and especially #37b
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  5. SMU
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  6. Wyoming
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  7. Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens
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    Unique and iconic. Hail to these guys, I said to my friend Victor.
  8. Arizona State
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  9. Arizona State Alternate
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  10. Ole Miss oldies you'll miss
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  11. This Navy
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  12. Indiana mirrored candy stripes
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  13. This ill Illinois Illini
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  14. This Boise State Bronco
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  15. Fordham USA
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    On a scale of 1 to America your freedom is Fordham