Best Names, Baseball Edition

  1. Butts Wagner
    Brother of Honus.
  2. Covelli Crisp
    Coco! All-time name, All-time mane!
  3. L.J. Hoes
    This was his second year with the Stros. O's before Stros for Hoes, so he's played in different area codes, in different area codes.
  4. Shigetoshi Hasegawa
    One of the great joys of my career, standing behind Yankees PA announcer Bob Sheppard- the voice of God- as he said Shigetoshi Hasegawa. He told me it was his favorite name to say along with...
  5. Nomar Garciaparra
    His dad named him Nomar because it was his name, Ramon, backwards. His Mom said you try something stupid like that again and I'll be the ex Mrs Arrapaicrag.
  6. Boof Bonser
    He looked like a Boof Bonser.
  7. Tim Spooneybarger
    Interviewed him once and he knew me from the shows and I froze up, which saved me from stammering, "Talk about your last name."
  8. Wonderful Monds
    Full name: Wonderful Terrific Monds III. His great grandfather came up with name when he had his son, who was the 13th child but the first boy. III never made it out of the minors in the 90s much like his father, Wonderful Terrific Monds II, who was a standout college football player at Nebraska but never made it wonderful or terrific in the pros.
  9. Dick Pole, Dick Groat, Dickie Thon, Dizzy Nutter, Pete LaCock, Stubby Clapp, Rusty Kuntz
    This is what you people came here for so giggle away. That last one is pronounced Koontz but all the others are the genuine artifact.
  10. Arquimedez Pozo
    Name your child Arquimedez and they will be destined to be 1) a sorcerer b) a baseball player III: a parakeet. Back when I was writing trivia questions for the 2 Minute Drill I wrote one asking for a major leaguer whose only career home run was a grand slam. We had to throw out the question because NO ONE IN THE WORLD remembered Arquimedez Pozo. He's not the only to have their only HR to be a Grand Slam, King Felix Hernandez joined that group with a salami off Johan Santana in 08.
  11. Garth Iorg
    Would be the name of my favorite Game of Thrones character, if I knew the name of any Game of Thrones character. And it's a show I love, wassupwiddat? He was at a wedding I was at about five years ago. He didn't dance.