1. Dick Butkus
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    The gold standard.
  2. Chuck Long
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    The aptronym. He played quarterback. His dentist is named Rip Bucuspid, his tax attorney Bill Doubleyou The 4th.
  3. Jim Bob Cooter
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    An offensive quality control coach in the NFL, which is perfect because his name is quality but also offensive.
  4. Barkevious Mingo, D'Brickashaw Ferguson
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    The names that launched a thousand Key and Peele sketches.
  5. Chase Blackburn
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    A country club pirate.
  6. Gary Hogeboom, Jim Jeffcoat
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    When football players in the 80s were named after 19th century British haberdashers.
  7. Nnamdi Asomugha
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    I bet you assumed he'd be in this list. You know what happens when you assume? You make an asomugha out of u and gha!!! he's Mr. Kerry Washington!!!!
  8. Red Grange, Bronco Nagurski, Knute Rockne
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    Old timey-voice name generator. Try Old Man Nagurski's Magic Elixir: Red Grange's cure for Halitosis. Kiss your bad breath goodbye and Mrs. Knute Rockne good morning!
  9. Cap Boso
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    That time you saw him on Monday Night Football with a wad of grass in his helmet and you found out his name was Cap Boso was the first time you said "Re-dun-dant!" in that song songy voice of yours.
  10. Fair Hooker, Lucious Pucey, Buzz Nutter, Quentin Jammer
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    "That's what?!" She said.
  11. Harry Colon
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    Should get that checked out.
  12. Brian Piccolo
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    He's my best friend.
    Suggested by @donnie