1. Honorable Mention: Dell Curry, Mark Price, Jeff Hornacek, Steve Kerr, Mike Iuozzolino
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    The Daddy, The White Guy, The Other White Guy, The Other Other White Guy, the NBA Jam White Guy You Never Heard But Tracked Forever Because He Was Italian
  2. 15. Chuck Person/Dale Ellis
    The Rifleman and A Gunner. Find The Spot, Move Into The Spot, Live In The Spot Forever and Ever, Shooters.
  3. 14. Glen Rice
    Unlimited range. Could score from here to Wassila, Alaska.
  4. 13. Klay Thompson
    The 37 point quarter http://youtu.be/Sc3m3BwfylA. A living, breathing Heat Check.
  5. 12. Kevin Durant
    When he had to work out in front of scouts at the Draft Combine he put the 185 pound benchpress up 0 times. A basketball weighs decidedly less.
  6. 11. Kyle Korver
    I think he benefits from the amount of threes taken in today's game more than anyone else on this list but a three pointer in 127 straight games, (in a row, consecutively) is impressive (exceptional, worthy of remark).
  7. 10. Peja Stojakovic
    Quick, how tall do you remember Peja being? ... The answer is 6'10". He was Chris Webber's height on those Kings teams and was at home 25+ feet out. For me, this was the first big man, who wasn't a big man, who was a big man, with flawless form and 'never touch the net' results.
  8. 9. Drazen Petrovic
    Loooved Draz. A Dervish with no conscience. When he dribbled he kinda looked like a parentheses but when he shot it was over, period. Went toe to toe- and shoulder to back, at one point- with Jordan in the 93 season, that's how beautifully confident he was. And then he was gone. I remember the exact moment when I found out he passed away in a car crash. Mom told me before school. I was in our Nintendo room crying all over the PowerPad. It still hurts. Word Autobahn still gives me a shivers.
  9. 8. Craig Hodges
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    I'll never forget him showing up at the 93 Three-Point contest wearing a plain white jersey with "NBA" on it BECAUSE HE WAS OUT OF THE LEAGUE but he was not going to let them hold a contest without the 3-time defending champ.
  10. 7. Steve Nash
    Four 50-40-90 seasons! I was in the house when he won the NCAA three-point contest at the Rose Hill Gym in 1996, which was impressive, but not as impressive as Dick Vitale hitting 26 free throws in a row in the pregame.
  11. 6. Dirk Nowitzki
    Most undefendable. Household products you would use to try stop him from shooting over you that still wouldn't work: broom, ladder, painting stilts.
  12. 5. Chris Mullin
    Lefties look better doing everything.
  13. 4. Ray Allen
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  14. 3. Reggie Miller
    8 in 8.9 is right up there with the time I put my contact lenses in after applying Icy Hot on my body but it happened and we move on.
  15. 2. Larry Bird
    Which one of you mother******* is coming in second? You, Larry Joe.
  16. 1. Stef Curry
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