13 years of Around the Horn. Doesn't feel an hour more then 12 years and 364 days. Here are just some of my favorite moments in our history. Note: our show video page is currently undergoing an overhaul. Or maybe it's overgoing an underhaul. I'll attach video when possible but for now we'll have to make do with photos. I know, it stinks.
  1. Woody chokes on confetti
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    100th career win. Jason pours confetti over him and one or two pieces get inhaled. Woody chokes but is ok after 3 seconds. WATCH: http://youtu.be/Wpn6Oy2A0eI
  2. Woody fake chokes on confetti but that makes him choke worse on confetti
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    Every milestone win after 100. Jason drops confetti on him and he purposely swallows it to fake choke and chokes even worse than he did the time before.
  3. JA Adande goes ham on Michael Smith over the NFL Draft
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    This was possibly the most savage moment in show history. Adande is usually among the most mild-mannered panelists - his blink rate is by far the lowest - but he lost it all over Michael Smith when the topic of the NFL draft and the NFL draft combine came up. WATCH: http://youtu.be/EKFMc9CkLdQ
  4. In order to win tournaments you have to win tournaments - Adande
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    This was the least savage moment in show history.
  5. Huge, potentially large - Israel Gutierrez
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    I remember very little about this other than Israel said it and I heard it and I looked at him and he looked at me and knew that I heard it and we both started laughing.
  6. Boston Ball! - Michael Smith
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    This was tremendous. Michael Smith snatches FaceTime from the jaws of Bomani Jones with a Brandon Spikes pop lock arm wave. Bomani is still apoplectic about this.
  7. Bob Ryan naming all the Retired Jerseys in Celtics history WHILE TAP DANCING
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    No explanation needed. Heavenly.
  8. Alex Smith, man - Pablo Torre
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    No explanation needed but I'll give one anyway. I think it was Pablo's third show. He was familiar with the idea of having an opinion but unfamiliar with the notion of having to supply reasons for that opinion. When I invited him back into the discussion to provide more information on why the Niners should start Alex Smith over Colin Kaepernick, he delivered the immortal line "Alex Smith, man." I was so proud of the other three guys on the panel for losing their mind when he said it.
  9. Plaschke shows us his game
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    I promised certain parties involved never to bring this up again but…it was like watching a master. Watch a pupil. Watch that pupil's little brother. Talk to superhero figurines. Plaschke and MacMullan are good friends and what's a few compliments, Barry White music and a bowl of cantaloupe between friends, right?
  10. Woody's Chalkboard accidentally has a Phone Sex number on it.
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    ADVERTISE HERE: 1-800-555-HORN” might have sent sent dozens (hundreds? millions?!?) to "the hottest phone answering service around!" Oops. See, it appears the letters HORN coincidentally, coincidentally!, share the same digits as a telephonic sexy-time provider. If you called that number a sultry voice that sounded like it just smoked the exhaust pipe off a Hyundai greeted you with the numbers to press to reach an attentive associate of hers whilst putting a curious emphasis on "pound button".
  11. Pablo's -100
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    This was cumulative. Pablo picks a 16 over a 1 every year in the NCAA Tournament and after four straight years of doing it - and a 40 point loss - the mute button had had enough.
  12. Jackie's -500
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    This was an unfortunate turn of events for Ms. MacMullan. She guaranteed that Doc Rivers would not leave the Celtics. When he did she showed up to work wearing a combat helmet and took the -500 with a smile.
  13. Michael Smith thinks he wins FaceTime and starts talking but actually lost
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  14. Lil Wayne episode
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    This was surreal. He really knew his sports. And I'm just glad Woody didn't tell him to leave like he did when Snoop Dogg was on. WATCH: http://youtu.be/3udsldBi5fE
  15. KB's Han Solo moment
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    I can't remember the reason why we needed to bring Kevin Blackistone back from elimination but when we did we unfroze him and he came back to life like Han Solo. So cool. I remember him getting in character by blinking his eyes and rubbing his head.
  16. Cowlishaw's Jay Z at the British Open
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    I used to make the panel do their British Open previews in a British accent. Cowlishaw carried it over to the next topic and said "When I come back like Jordan wearing the 4 5" in the most pristine English accent, like he had a hard knock life in Mary Poppins. I think I gave him 20 points.
  17. Cowlishaw starts the show muted back to the Stone Age for a pre-show transgression
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    It happened about 60 seconds before we went to air and all I'm going to say is it involved another panelist and a libelous statement about Botox.
  18. Plaschke dominates every NCAA Tournament Pool and uses all 3 UnEliminations on Bomani
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    Bill Plaschke is incredible in our NCAA bracket challenge. He was Top .5% one year. He earned three unelimitations and... used them all to eliminate Bomani Jones. If there's one human on Planet Earth you don't want to do that to it's Bomani Jones. It was berserker. I don't know how Plaschke is still walking among the living.
  19. Woody and Jay walk off hand in hand into the sunset
    One of the few times we went out of chairs in our show's history. This was during a Super Bowl when the two guys were on location. Our set was right in the sand and Solomon had the idea that the two guys should walk off into the sunset together. As I remember it Woody tried doing one of those 'use the back of your leg to kick somebody in the butt' maneuvers and Mariotti deftly avoided it. Woody vs Jay: the best head-to-head our show has ever had.
  20. Woody Hosting
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    This was so much fun, an April Fools special. Aaron and I wanted Woody to host a show once so he'd stop complaining about all the mutes. I wrote a storyline where Woody chloroformed me and stuck me in the plasma and took over as host. He scored everybody in negatives the entire show and then kept FaceTime for himself. Supreme Woody all show. WATCH http://youtu.be/TRDv8cG5Q4k
  21. Any episode we tape out of order
    Inside information: we tape the show every day around 2pm. We air the show at 5pm. News sometimes happens in between 2 and 5. Some days we know news will happen at 3- say the Commissioner will hand down a suspension. We'll tape Buy or Sell and Showdown first, and then get the news and tape the First Word. What that means is Aaron Solomon & I have to get the last segment we tape-which is really the first segment that airs- to end up with the same time & scores we had when we started Buy or Sell.
  22. Breaking Horn
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    This was a blast. Our whole crew was obsessed with Breaking Bad and knew the title sequence would translate perfectly to Around the Horn. Chris Gavin took a week and had it up and running Periodic table-wise and then I storyboarded a companion to the Crystal Blue Persuasion scene: me selling off the mute button like I was dealing meth. The last shot is my voice dubbed over singing Crystal Mute Persuasion.
  23. Friday Night Lights
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    Another show we were in love with-the music will make me cry two measures in. I timed out everything here with their actual show open so when their crane shot sweeps over their field our jib cam sweeps over our set; when Mrs. Coach is dancing, I'm dancing. I love the looks Aaron Solomon and Bob Ryan give here: all knowing.
  24. Game of Horns
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    This was incredible. The amount of work we put into this was immense and totally worth it. Chris Gavin employed some old friends to help him come up with the visual component. I storyboarded all the different kingdoms the panelists would be from. That music is so good and once it was put on top it felt like we did the the show justice. I showed it to the panel right before we went to air & I remember Woody & Bob being on that show and not having any clue whatsoever what we were talking about.
  25. Game of ThrowIns
    Gavin, Maldonado, Weiner and Bard said did such a bang up job with the editing on this, our World Cup preview. Favorite part: the break in the music where we do an ode to the magic spray.
  26. Mad Mute
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    I got to play with the green screen for an afternoon and this is what came out of it-a Mad Men homage.
  27. Backwards Show
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    This was an April Fools episode. I worked it all out on the walk to work that morning and told Aaron and he looked at me like I was nuts. It was an homage to Seinfeld - we even stole the God Bless You, sneeze bit - and the most difficult show we've ever done. But, man was it awesome catching a paper toss, unwrinkling it and saying we were just on a 23 1/2 hour break.
  28. Sitcom episode
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    We always joked that we wanted to stick a laugh track on some of the horrendous jokes that panelists tell and Solomon and Bard went there and beyond on this April Fools show. Aunt Viv and Urkel jokes galore but my favorite part has to be the sitcom theme song that Julia Maldonado and Josh Bard wrote and sang that started it off. That, and ending with "Sit Plaschke Dog, Sit! Good dog!"
  29. Back to the Future Episode
    This was Josh Bard's baby. We always wanted to toy with having arguments on stories that happened before we made air - Douglas over Tyson, MJs retirement - but I think my favorite part of our Time Machine April Fools show were the future stories. "Who ya got in the 2134 Kentucky Derbot: Secretaribot or Smarty Drones?"
  30. Halloween Every Year
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    Israel's Obama, Bieber, Drake. Cowlishaw's Al Davis, Donald Trump. Blackistone's Ron Washington and James Harden. Woody's Snookie. Honestly, there hasn't been one bad costume yet. Except when JA came dressed as the NBA lock out. Everyone's favorite show of the year.
  31. Our Christmas Card Every Year
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    I love Christmas. But I never met anyone in my life who loves Christmas more than Josh Bard and Jeff Weiner. Which is impressive because they're nice Jewish boys. (Is there any other kind?) They've all been phenomenal but the best moment was walking into the edit room to see walls (plural) full of words and tacks and yarn the year we were doing The Panel Sings The Carols (our tribute to Brian Williams Raps). It looked like Bard and Weiner and Gavin were tracking a serial killer.
  32. 10th Anniversary Special
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    We wore tuxes, Jackie and Jemele wore gowns, we had mid show lineup changes, a 12 box of talking heads (!!!) and unveiled our Sgt Peppers Album cover. This was the best producing job any producer has ever produced. A lifetime of Bravo, Bravo! to Aaron Solomon and Josh Bard.
  33. February 2, 2004
    My first show was the day after the Patriots - Panthers Super Bowl when Janet Jackson's boob popped out for the entire world. I remember very little about it-except that I sweated through my entire suit, and that was the only suit I only had at the time and I needed to wear it again the next day. When they invited me back for Wednesday I was out of shirts and ties. Erik Rydholm gave me the advice to just keep my head down, not say anything and host the show. Best advice I've ever received.
  34. Goodfellas Studio Tour
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    I dreamt about this for 10 years. The second I walked through our new DC studio with its cramped hallways & doors I knew I had to do it. This was about showing viewers what our show looks like on the other side/getting some face time for everyone in the crew- but also, maybe, about Goodfellas for me. The Copacabana shot is my favorite of all time & I timed out each & every step here, gave out $520 & bought the Crystals song for two weeks. 3 takes with Gavin right behind me on a harnessed cam.