They did it. Everyone knows it. I'm of the opinion that everybody tries to get away with everything & if refs touched each ball before every play (they did) & didn't do anything (they didn't)...meh.
  1. These are blind guesses. I have no inside information
  2. 5 million dollar fine for franchise
    I'd say this is mostly likely. Sounds impressive but when you realize the team is worth 1.4 billion it's Dr. Evilly. This number might not even possible by the CBA, though (which I no longer have memorized like I used to in my Stat Boy days)
  3. Loss of draft picks
    This will definitely happen, too. Probably some combination of 3 to 5 pics over 3 to 5 years. Teams freak out over this but the draft is incomprehensibly overrated. Whether the NFL has enough guts to make it a 1st rounder will be the big question. I'll bet no. The timing of this report coming out now- 5 days after the draft- tells me they were in no rush to do it this year.
  4. People whose names you don't know fired
    Standard "Whatever"-Gate Operating Procedure.
  5. Tom Brady suspended for July and August
    51% chance. Note: they don't play real games in July or August. This is so they can say they came down on the Golden Boy. They'll make a big show of it and make it clear- "he can not be any where near Patriots facilities." It'll be a vacation for him and he'll go on water slides in Brazil.
  6. Tom Brady suspended for 4 games appealed down to 2.
    49% chance. The interesting thing about this is that the suspension would of course start Week 1 when the Pats are playing on national tv in the Kickoff Spectacular. How much fun is it going to be to start Jimmy Garoppolo in fantasy?
  7. Tom Brady suspended for entire season
    -12% chance. This. Is. Not. Happening, Woody Paige. @woodypaige: Tom Brady should be suspended for the entire season for #DeflateGate. My take on @TheSportsShow
  8. Bill Belichick forced to wear a suit and tie on the sidelines for rest of career
    The fact that he escaped 243 pages of the Wagging Finger of Probably Maybe possibly potentially means he's clear of any Gregg Williams type season long suspension. Which is foolish because we all know he's Gustavo Fring in this. I don't think he'll get any games either-but the suit and tie dress code would hurt him even more. I'm hoping for this most of all.