1. Will Stef Curry miss?
  2. LeBron: This Is 30 and a half.
    His first season completely in his 30s. Will it be noticeable? I'd say his chances of winning a title go down every year but the East is greasy and wheezy.
  3. Durant
    Year after disaster, year before free agency, with a new coach and, of course, the rascally Russell Westbrook.
  4. Love, Year 2
    I want to know what Love is. I want the Cavs to show me.
  5. The West
    A hungry, hungry hippos situation. How many teams would be either 1 or 2 in the East? I'd say 7.
  6. Kobe
    When your dog wants to go after that scab on its shoulder but can't because he's wearing a cone on his head.
  7. Healthy(ish) Derrick Rose
    Really looking forward to those 6 games.
  8. James Harden
    Last time we saw him he had 1,642 turnovers. How does he respond?
  9. James Harden's beard
    Swarm of bees.
  10. James Harden's feet
    When TMZ catches him wearing Jordan's to a Kardashian alpaca naming party he'll be out a quarter of a billion Adidas dollars.
  11. Anthony Davis
    How high can he take Anthonys in our rightful pursuit of world domination?
  12. Doc Rivers' voice
    Gone by first tv timeout of Game 1. It's not Blake's fault.
  13. The Knicks
    Only New Yorker with a more guaranteed spot in the Lottery was Yolanda Vega.
  14. The Bucks
    Play like they're on hoverboards.
  15. The Sixers
    Rebuilding the building that builds supplies for rebuilds.
  16. The Kings
    On scale of flammable to inflammable: man killing spider with cigarette lighter at gas station.