... and win the emerald green belt that looks like it was worn by a Pointer Sister in the "Jump" video
  1. Be the indefatigable PacMan from 2006
    His motor was unmatched in his youth. Whether it has any oil left in it is the biggest question mark.
  2. Be the tactically unpredictable PacMan from 2006
    Manny was at his best when he would throw the kitchen sink at you. He'll need more appliances than that here.
  3. Fight in the middle of the ring
    Mayweather - the best defensive fighter of this generation, if not ever - is at home on the ropes. Pac needs to keep him on the road.
  4. Make Floyd come forward
    Similar to keeping him in the middle of the ring, try to force Mayweather to fight offensively. This is a fight nobody ever wins.
  5. Remain relentlessly southpaw
    Southpaws have given Mayweather some problems- eh, maybe that's exaggerating because no one's really ever given him problems- but lefties are different and sinister. Be different and sinister.
  6. Be patient but not too patient
    I'm a dope for even writing this. Move on.
  7. Fight on May 2nd
    Which is to say they haven't even signed the contract yet. WE'VE WAITED FOR THIS FIGHT FOR LONGER THAN A FIRST GRADER AND THEY HAVEN'T SIGNED?!?!? GET ON WITH IT!!!
  8. "Jump, Jump, For My Love"
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