1. Best Mexican in Sydney: La Cocina De La Abuela
    Meat platter for one that actually serves four... NEED I SAY MORE! But I will say more. Their beef tacos are the best in Sydney, and pretty darn cheap.
  2. Korean food that's awesome: Moon Park
    Everything about this place is just great. Start off with some of their house plum wine and work through their minimal but tasty as hell menu. The desserts on offer are pretty terrible though so just stick to the main menu
  3. Indian at Billu's in Harris Park
    Yep that's right. Get off your lazy ass, jump in your car and drive the half an hour to Harris park. Located on Wigram street which is a bunch of houses converted in to restaurants. You won't get a better dosa anywhere in Sydney.
  4. Bengali at Fuska house
    Treat yourself to their Fuska/Pan puri and moglai Paratha. You'll love it; I promise. If you're lucky, and it hasn't run out, get yourself some roshmalai. Dayum. Location: 102 Railway St, Rockdale NSW 2216
  5. Ball out times: Cafe Sydney
    The priciest place on this list but a must do. Some seriously delicious and decadent meals served up with views of that harbour thing they have going on Location: 5, Customs house, 31 Alfred st, Darlinghurst
  6. Dumplings in Ashfield
    Located next to the well known and far too busy "Shanghai night", this place is absolutely on point. The service can be variable but the prices and quality of the food more than makes up for it. I'd recommend their shallot pancakes, steamed pork & coriander dumplings and their salt and pepper pork ribs. There's also no sign saying what the restaurants called so Google won't help. Location: 277 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield
  7. The only mezze train in the world at 'Mezza train'
    Ever been to a sushi train and hoped that some Lebanese dishes came out? Well that would be stupid. If you'd like that get to Mezza train. Dish after dish of tasty Lebanese goodness coming at you via a belt, what more can you want.
  8. Vietnamese at Yens
    Located in Redfern, this hole in the wall restaurant is where it's at for all your Vietnamese needs. Extremely cheap and BYO; you will never leave this place feeling unsatisfied. Unless you go overboard on the BYO, that's your fault though, don't blame Yens
  9. Yumo Yum Cha in Marrickville at Hung Cheung
    Want lovely waiters/waitresses offering you plate after plate of delectable Chinese food? Get your tuchus to Hung Cheung. Apart from you being able to see the lobster you're about to consume, it's the best Yum Cha you'll get in Sydney.
  10. Dean's diner: what a burger joint should be
    Are you over waiting 5 hours for an over priced, brioche wankfest burger? You should be. Grab a burger from Dean's burgers in Marrickville and get your life together. These non pretentious tasty treats come in all sorts of combinations. Wash it down with a malt chocolate milkshake and you'll be a happy camper
  11. Japanese at Sushi Yachiyo
    If you go here get in early, this place fills up fast. The smoked salmon belly is bang on and you should probably indulge.
  12. Italian food with an Asian spin at Acme
    Due to its insanely inventive menu and reputation, you'll probably have to book for this one. It's well worth the wait. Seriously. My top dish would have to be the Macaroni, pigs head & egg yolk. Who knew those three things would make my mouthhole water for all the right reasons
  13. Ribs! Ribs! In Glebe at Alfie & Hetty
    If you love ribs as much as I do, you have to try Alfie & Hetty. The restaurant itself has some pretty rich history being the suburbs main brothel back in the day. Now they serve up tender pork ribs that are marinated with what heaven must taste like.
  14. Last but not least, Ester
    Ever looked at someone weird for eating bone marrow after everyone's finished with their meat? You'll feel like a fool after you try their bone marrow/chilli sambal and toast. The whole menu on offer is fairly diverse and tasty as hell. Their take on a sausage in bread would have Heston licking his lips, try that as well