It's never easy
  1. Wake up. Barely.
    Don't tell me anything of importance when I wake up. I'll immediately forget it.
  2. Look at phone and read some weird press release about kale
  3. Also read through a long whatsapp thread that has been going on through the night
    Being in NY while my friends are in London means I constantly have a lot of catching up to do. Damn it, time difference.
  4. Go back to sleep
    Inevitable and important step.
  5. Wake up again, look at the time. Slowly come to the realisation that I need to leave in 15 minutes and panic.
    Curse 'Past Izy' for going back to sleep and try to get dressed ASAP
  6. Burn toast
    Give up hope that I will ever have a 99% toast success rate. Scrape off the charred edges and try not to get the black, toast dust into the jar of peanut butter.
  7. Leave and swear that tomorrow morning I will be a better person.