Adele's voice is truly what I imagine silk to sound like, however, if you really pick apart "Hello" and your friend wrote it instead of her you'd be concerned.
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    "I must've called a thousand times."
    😨Maybe that's part of the problem. One or two phone calls shows you care. 5 phone calls is only okay if you're that persons mom. 1000...well that's inappropriately aggressive.
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    "But when I call you never seem to be home."
    Yea, they are probably running away concerned about their safety since you just called a thousand times.🏃🏻
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    "Did you ever make it out of that town...?" to figure out this person's whereabouts like Dog the Bounty hunter? 👀🕵
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    "Hello from the outside."
    Outside of where Adele? You've told us that you live a "million miles" apart so I really hope you just didn't show up to this persons place. They ignored 1000 phone calls...😶