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  1. my belief is that you can force happiness. sometimes you don't even realize you're happy. being happy is an amazing things. you don't have self doubt. now I'm not saying people who aren't happy have self doubt but I know happy when I see. I used to never see it in me. but people help. let them help you open you're eyes to the future of happiness
  1. Not looking into a persons eye
    this was very hard for me to do, because I was shy and didn't have confidence in myself. so finally my teacher spoke to me. "You need to know who you are. I see more potential in you than you do. If you ever want to get a job, give other people advice or fall in love than you have to look up. fake till you make it. I want to see you grow up into the powerful girl you are. make a change"
  1. I've been working on finding out who I am
    yes, everyone does this. specifically meaning I am starting to be a feminist. I'm finding my inner opinion through all this. so far I'm proud of my decisions
    first off I absolutely LOVE Sarah Kay. she is a poet. my eighth grade teacher, Mrs. Schott helped me open my eyes to her. I love her poems so much that I bought all her books. I'm not really writing poetry. More of writing in a journey.
  3. I'm allergic to nickel.
    I found this out about 3 years ago. I was wearing jeans and I had a rash wear my button was touching my skin. it's pretty self explanatory.
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