1. I've been working on finding out who I am
    yes, everyone does this. specifically meaning I am starting to be a feminist. I'm finding my inner opinion through all this. so far I'm proud of my decisions
    first off I absolutely LOVE Sarah Kay. she is a poet. my eighth grade teacher, Mrs. Schott helped me open my eyes to her. I love her poems so much that I bought all her books. I'm not really writing poetry. More of writing in a journey.
  3. I'm allergic to nickel.
    I found this out about 3 years ago. I was wearing jeans and I had a rash wear my button was touching my skin. it's pretty self explanatory.
  4. I like being alone
    not meaning I'm shutting everyone down but it's nice getting to know yourself
  5. I once killed a snake
    I feel SOOOO BAD. I regret it so much. I was scared and just stabbed it. I never meant to actually hurt it. I buried him. rip Larry