Some observations while I'm in Southern Texas visiting my grandfather.
  1. Limited dining options
    You can get tacos (made by real Mexicans) at the gas station.
  2. It almost never rains
    Except when I come to town because of course.
  3. No Whole Foods
    Whole Foods was founded in Austin but there are none in the southern part of this state.
  4. I'm no longer a minority.
    I've only seen one white guy so far.
  5. Higher speed limits
    This is great because there is nothing to see on the road between cities.
  6. Lots of stray Chihuahuas
    This breaks my heart. 💔I want to catch them all and bring them home.
  7. They have a lot of drive thru stuff.
    Like a drive thru convenience store. You actually drive your car thru the store itself. Also a drive thru Little Cesar's because why not?
  8. There are places I'm not allowed to go
    Border towns are no place for a lady apparently. Think Desperado meets Traffic. Yes, that shit is real.