1. Coffee
    Need more.
  2. Why are you walking/driving so slow?
    Do you have no where to be?
  3. Why are you telling me your life story?
    Usually when I answer the phone at the office. People really like to volunteer too much unnecessary information. I'm not here for that. I just picked up the phone because everyone else was busy.
  4. Can you not?
  5. What am I eating for lunch?
    Should I be eating lunch? If yes, then who can I sucker into going to pick it up?
  6. I wonder what Toby is doing?
    I worry about my dog. He is an only dog and he suffers from separation anxiety or maybe that's me. Or both.
  7. Is it time to go?
    Being tethered to a desk isn't for everyone. Some of us work best outside the office.
  8. Is my security team zooming in on my phone & reading my texts?
    I mean, I would. 🙈
  9. Are my Spotify listening habits being judged?
    So what I listened to the same song 6 times? 🎧
  10. That's a beautiful watch.
    I wonder who is going to buy it and what kind of life they lead. Are they single? 😏
  11. That's a gorgeous ring.
    Accompanied by how long will it last or is it an "I fucked up" gift? Yeah, age & life experience has made me ever so slightly cynical.