I started watching Sex and the City because it was recommended on HBO go and only continued to watch it to make this list oops.
  1. H. Jon Benjamin (Voice of Archer and Bob Belcher)
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  2. Bradley Cooper (in tons of shit mostly by jlaws side)
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  3. Donald Trump (racist misogynistic dipshit running for pres)
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  4. Will Arnet (in Arrested Development )
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  5. Dean Winter (Allstate Mayhem guy)
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  6. Marisa Ryan (Abby Bernstein from Wet Hot American Summer)
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  7. I was gonna save this list for the entire series but listening to over-privileged white women complain in NYC was getting tiring so I quit after season two. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    And there are 6 seasons plus and S6A and S6B like wtf that's just a seventh season ?!