OMGOMGOMG someone requested a list for me!!!! Thanks Abby!!!
  1. Feel the Bern
    Actually I don't say this too much feel the bern
  2. I hate you
    My mother told me i say this one. ((Don't get me wrong I love my mother))
  3. I'm hungry
  4. You're stupid
    Ya see I live in the south which means I am confronted by racists, homophobes, and misogynists quite often. Going to a public high school doesn't help either.
  5. I am taking/need a nap
    I loooove naps
  6. Come phonebank with me this Tuesday night for Bernie sanders
    I'm very persistent
  7. Have you heard of the list app?
  8. Do you mind if I play Hamilton
  9. How does my butt look?
  10. My phone's dead
  11. Yo look what my hair is doing right now