I love my mom and she loves me but we have struggled ever since my older brothers moved out leaving the house to just the two of us
  1. "I bought some queen Latifa make up today"
  2. **picks up t-shirt that says Hilton Head Island** "Oh I thought this said Elton John hahaha"
  3. "Can you get off this cart? I can't even see past you fat ass?"
    Lol my mom said this because I got on the cart at Walmart
  4. "If you post that I'm not buying you anything from Urban Outfitters. No Lush I'm telling ya"
    Me after I told her I was putting her quote about me being a fat ass on the list app lololol
  5. "I'm gonna stick my foot up your ass"
  6. "Hah Will Arnets a dick"
    We were watching the Lego movie
  7. "Mmmm Denzel Washington !!!"