It's Sunday and I've felt better
  1. I should paint my nails
  2. And stop picking at my cuticles
  3. I just finished a book but starting a new one seems too hard right now
  4. Do you ever feel hungover but you didn't even drink?
  5. I want this fucking IKEA shit out of my apartment
  6. I'm mad you didn't even try to unbutton my pants
  7. Why did you make me feel bad about myself
  9. I'm not sure I've ever finished a cup of coffee and I hate that
  10. Is it too early to eat dinner
  11. I haven't had French fries in a long time
  12. I think I made some new friends?
  13. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut
  14. Stop spending money!!!!
  15. Make more money?!!!
  16. Should I get a second job ugh
  17. I feel like I'm in college again but it's never ending and it's less fun
  18. I wish I had something to look forward to?
  19. why do people keep asking if I have any vacations planned lol