Inspired by @vmacies
  1. Always down to eat
  2. Brings wine "just in case"
  3. Cancels plans for you
  4. Dines without dashing
  5. Encourages you to break up with your shitty s.o.
  6. Feet are small
  7. Great at singing in cars
  8. Happy to help you catfish someone
  9. Into cool things
  10. Just jumps instead of asking "how high?"
  11. Kills bugs with ease
  12. Loves laying
  13. Makes guacamole
  14. Never serious when I say "I'll never drink again"
  15. Open to suggestion
  16. Pees pretty quietly
  17. Quick to fight with a stranger on your behalf
  18. Recommends good brunch spots
  19. Sleeping beauty
  20. Takes a lot of breaks
  21. Underwear is clean
  22. Very nice and pretty
  23. Wears underwear
  24. X-rated jk
  25. Young but not too young
  26. Zany