Thanks for the request Chris! I love potatoes! Coming to a KB Toyz near you soon
  1. Hair in bun (messy)
  2. Eyebrows (mismatched)
  3. Eyes (wearing 2 month old contact lenses)
  4. Ears (like normal I guess idk)
  5. Nose (stuffy)
  6. Mustache (seasonal)
  7. Lips (lightly chapped)
  8. Teeth (with stuck piece of spinach)
  9. Arms/hands (chipped nail polish)
  10. Necklace (candy)
  11. Shirt (says something funny on it like "sup")
  12. Tattoo (says "I don't know what to get")
  13. Iced coffee (all the ice has melted though so it's diluted and kinda gross now)
  14. Purse (only thing inside are receipts)
  15. Shoes (that I got at DSW on clearance and with a $10 off coupon)