Rebel without a date
  1. Wait for him to initiate contact
    3 day rule? He's lucky if I wait 3 hours
  2. No sex before monogamy
    It would be weird to ask if we are exclusive as I stumble out of the bar, right?
  3. Don't accept a last-minute date
    "Hey wanna get coffee 5 minutes ago?" "Yea!"
  4. Don't bring up politics
    I have not once but twice asked someone about the election while my top was off
  5. Don't bring up religion
    "Have you seen Jesus Camp?"
  6. Be nice
    "Do you come here often?" *eye roll* "Do you say that often?"
  7. Be nice pt. 2
    "Do you have a cigarette?" *scoffs* "I don't pay for cancer."
  8. Order something small
    Salad is what I eat before a 16 oz. rib eye
  9. Don't bring up exes
    I lead with exes
  10. Let him make the first move
    Is putting my hand on your crotch too forward?