1. Burrito bowl with guac, chips, and a soda cup that I fill with water
  2. Burrito with guac for everyone in Chipotle
  3. $10 pressed juice/water from Whole Foods that I've always wanted to try
  4. Mani/pedi with the extra foot massage/hot stone treatment
  5. Organic honeycrisp apples and celery with the annoying parts already cut off
  6. Almond butter
  7. Cashew butter
  8. Pint of each Ben and Jerry's flavor at store - even ones that sound kinda gross or have cheesecake in them
  9. Cristal or Dom
  10. Quilted toilet paper
  11. Every Essie polish at CVS/Target whichever is closest and give out duplicates to randos outside
  12. Birchbox and other fun subscription services for me and all my friends