You're all invited
  1. Cinderella Party
    Invite 8-10 friends over and have them sweep, dust, and vaccuum your bedroom while you watch YouTube makeup tutorials on your bed. Call whoever's slacking a "little tit mouse."
  2. Random Cup Party
    Gather for some ol' fashioned drinking with friends and place a tab of a drug of your choice into one unmarked cup. Hope it's (not) yours!
  3. "Milk & Cookie" Swap
    Gather hungover at a local brunch spot and exchange creepy phrases that strangers said to you the night before while you wait 2 hours for a rooftop table.
  4. Macho Nacho Party
    Make your friends bring tortilla chips, cheese, and salsa to your apartment. Endlessly neg the guy who accidentally bought part-skim cheddar.
  5. The Dark Roast
    Congregate with your entire pre-calc class at the closest Starbucks once the last bell rings. Audibly talk shit on the barista while you slurp your caramel fraps.
  6. Liz Lemon Party
    Fulfill your obligation to jury duty, being drafted in the army, a subpoena.
  7. Pool Party
    Gather $10 from everyone in your office for "Sarah's going away gift." Buy yourself a membership to a swanky swim club. Tell the office that Sarah's a bitch and never sent a thank you.
  8. The Ultimate Surprise Party
    Have unprotected sex, ignore the fact that your body feels different for nearly a year. Pop out a human as your closest 10 medical professionals simultaneously pop confetti things. Say "but I wanted an iPad," when a nurse compliments this special gift.