I mean, I thought we had a nice time...
  1. Ethan
    Let him graze my boob (the big one) at the winter formal. Ignores me on Monday in pre-calc.
  2. Marty
    Meet up at campus bar after chatting on tinder. He's already three beers in when I arrive and drunkenly talks about his friend "Rory" the whole time. We go back to his dorm and fool around. He has whiskey dick so I big-spoon him until he falls asleep. He unmatches me the next day.
  3. Tim
    Give him a blow jay under the bleachers after the game. Never texts back.
  4. Shawn
    Sloppy make out sesh in movie theatre. Find him flirting with my BFF at her locker.
  5. Draco
    Have nice afternoon in Hogsmeade. Run into him on campus and I say "Hey! What's up?" He keeps walking but mumbles that he has a lot on his mind right now.