No diggity, no dignity
  1. This is me, age 23, with my old journal I recently found.
  2. Welcome to the diary of a mad and wimpy teenager. Please take pity on my 16-17 yr old self.
  3. This journal can be divided into 3 parts
    Love & Sex, Teenage Angst, and Artistic Expression
  4. PART 1: Love & Sex
    What most of this journal is about. Contains a lot of my "firsts" like when I gave my first blow job in a tool shed.
  5. My virginity story
    I spent 3 pages talking about the time I thought it was going to happen
  6. Virginity (continued)
    Then clearly got bored and ended it like so
  7. Index of every guy I had "dated"/kissed/thought about
  8. Index continued
    The sweating is no longer an issue (I promise.)
  9. To text or not to text? The millennial's dilemma
  10. I was really proud of this
    Highlighting was pre-existing and I don't know why. Also "wax man" am I ok?
  11. PART 2: Teenage Angst
  12. Yup
    If you look closely you can see that I made the "T" out of a "1" and probably a lowercase "L" so I put actual effort into this.
  13. Parents are so annoying!
  14. I just
    Genuinely concerned for my 16 yr old self right now. Octopus
  15. PART 3: Artistic Expression
    Express urself
  16. When I considered pursuing a fashion career
    Make it work
  17. When I liked to write out song lyrics
    The Fratellis were my shit
  18. No explanation for this one
  19. The important questions
    (This was not a song lyric just my own existential musings)
  20. I would draw people I wrote about
    Meet Krazy Eyed Keith
  21. When I dabbled in poetry
    "H" is not my middle initial
  22. You and I both ask
  23. Oh ok got it
  24. Ok bye burning this now