1. 💁🏼 or 💁🏻
    I am a Caucasian woman with light brown hair. Neither of these emojis look like me and when I use the first one it's like I'm pretending to be blonde but the second isn't me either. So conflicting
  2. Salty or sweet
    I enjoy both salt and sugar. Sometimes all I want is a fishbowl of ice cream and other times I want fries for dessert. So when people say they are a salty or sweet kind of person I'm always just going with what I want in that moment.
  3. Mimosa or Bloody Mary
    Brunch is near and dear to my heart. Like the previous, sometimes I want a lil sweet bottomless mimosa brunch and other times I would like two strong Bloody Mary's with extra tabasco. Most people I know like one much more than the other. Again, I belong somewhere in the middle and it's confusing and often difficult to pick a brunch place
  4. Brown, green or hazel eyed
    When I was in middle school I had a t-shirt from Hollister that said "brown-eyed bombshell." I bought another at the same exact time that said "green-eyed goddess." My ID says I have hazel eyes. Nobody knows.
  5. Early bird or night owl
    I don't particularly like waking before 9 but I don't particularly like going to bed past 9 either. Realizing I might have sleep dependency issues ...
  6. Victoria or Tori
    Victoria is my given name and I kind of dig it for professional purposes but don't know how to re-brand myself since I've been Tori for 23 years. I did tell people my name was Victoria when I went to Vegas last year and it was really fun and like I was telling people my name was Natasha or something.